Flammspritzstrahl, Drahtflammspritzen mit Molybdaen

HVOF sprayed - carbide materials as an alternative to hard chrome plating

for worn piston regenerated with Hartchromeschicht

With the high-speed flame spraying, HVOF short, there is an environmentally friendly alternative to the galvanic chrome plating. As a coating material, the carbides of tungsten or chromium are certainly most appropriate. Since pure carbides not suitable for thermal coating, you will be embedded in a matrix metal, usually cobalt or nickel / chrome. The corrosion resistance of the metallic matrix, coupled with the wear resistance of the carbide component is the excellent suitability of this coating as a hard chrome replacement.

Standardized hardness tests and wear tests showed consistently better results than the electroplated chromium layers. Corrosion tests over 24 hours in alkaline aqueous solutions in acid and salt solutions were the same result. HVOF spray, carbide materials are superior to hard chromium electroplating clear.

The advantages summarized:

  • environmentally friendly

  • cheaper

  • thicker layers possible, that is also suitable for repair

  • harder

  • wear

  • corrosion